Circular Needle Organizer “Zarter Stein”

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For those who really want to store many circular knitting needles.

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There are 7 compartments of approx. 12 x 16 cm and 8 compartments of approx. 6.5 x 16 cm (two of which are on the lid sides).

4-8 circular knitting needles (depending on needle size) fit easily into one compartment.

Small tip: keep a needle size on the sides of the lid, where there are also compartments, so you can check the needle size immediately when you put the needles in to sort them in correctly).

This needlebag fulfills its purpose perfectly: STOP THE NEEDLE-CHAOS

Each order contains 17 labels for individual labelling of the compartments with the following labelling (if other labelling is desired, please specify in the order, then desired labels will be printed)

Nadelstärke 2 • 2,25 2,5 2,75 3 3,25 3,5 3,75 4 4,5 4,75 5 5,5 6 some blank if you prefer the american size

Dimensions(empty & closed): 17 cm x ca. 21 cm x 2-3 cm (depending on color)

Material The wool felt I use is a particularly high-quality natural product made from 100% wool. It is pressure elastic and extremely robust. The feeling when you have the felt in the hands is very pleasant because it is a natural product.

Closure: Two metal buttons in brass look

Manufacturing method: Manufactured in a small South German manufactory. Each needle pocket is sewn by hand with love and care.

Attention, each needle pocket is an extra production, therefore it is possible that it can come with the indicated dimensions to deviations.


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